Horror Game NightCry Gets First Gameplay Trailer, Watch it

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NightCry Japanese developer Nude Maker has released the first gameplay trailer for their newest horror title, NightCry, a spiritual successor to the cult classic Clock Tower that promises to deliver some serious thrills. In NightCry, you play as Monica Flores, a university student on a crippled luxury cruise ship lost somewhere at sea. As a result of an evil cult opening the door to hell and letting lose a deranged, scissor-wielding murderer, a series of gruesome murders take place that leaves everyone onboard scared. You are tasked with solving the murder mystery to ensure not only your own survival, but also that of the rest of the ‘innocent’ passengers. RELATED STORY: Clock Tower Creator Nude Maker Announces New Horror Franchise The gameplay trailer reveals a point-and-click horror adventure similar to Clock Tower. You move about the ship and talk to people by clicking around, and objects of importance are highlighted with a circular icon when the cursor is on them. Your goal is to stay alive by searching the environment for clues and ways to defend yourself when cornered. Apparently, physically fighting the enemy will get you nowhere, meaning running and hiding are paramount. Unlike Clock Tower, the enemy in NightCry is not a slow lumbering killer that you can easily evade. Rather, the aptly-named Scissorwalker hurries behind you as you go, and taking too long to find a hiding spot will often mean doubling back to find another place. It’s a serious horror game in that regard. NightCry will be released on mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, etc.), the PlayStation Vita and possibly the PC. Watch the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think... [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVrWn9CY91c?rel=0&w=700&h=394]

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