Here’s Why Halo 5 Won’t Come to the PC

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Halo 5 Master Chief

With Microsoft’s commitment to PC gaming growing more and more by the day, many expect Halo 5 to eventually make its way to the evergreen platform. However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer insists the latest Halo won’t make the migration from the Xbox One.

Spencer used Microsoft’s 2016 Build conference to drive home the company’s backing of Windows 10 PC gaming, promising features and promoting UWP. Forza 6: Apex was apparently born from this strategy, and all future Forza games will be released on both the PC and Xbox One with some sort of cross-platform play. However, not all titles will get the treatment, and Halo 5 is one of them. The executive believes the Xbox One exclusive was built from the ground up as a console experience, stating:
“In terms of Halo FPS on PC, I think there’s a ton of opportunity for us right now, but I don’t want to get into a world where we’re looking back, like at Halo 5. It doesn’t mean there’s nothing there that could ever end up on PC, but I’d much rather look forward with what our plans are.”
Microsoft doesn’t find it strategic for every game to be released on all platforms, believing it could lead to possible compromises on both ends. He added:
“I don’t want to make it some kind of artificial mandate, because then I think we end up with ‘Frankengames’, games that really weren’t meant for a certain platform. And because some suit said, ‘Hey, everything’s gotta run on both platforms’, you end up with something people don’t want.”
Basically, the company doesn’t want any of its games to look forced on a platform, and, presumably, Halo 5 would look forced on the PC:
“You should expect it when franchises look like they belong on both platforms, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a mandate for the studios because it’s not.”
What do you think about Microsoft's decision not to make all its future games available on both the Xbox and PC? Is it a sound move?

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