Halo 5’s Single Player Lets You Control Three Companions

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Halo 5 Gurdians

Unlike past Halo games that let you play as only one lead character, Halo 5 breaks the mold by allowing you to play as four Spartans at a time during single-player.

According to Game Informer, the Blue Team will have three unique and powerful Spartan-II characters controlled by your friends or just you with special single-player commands. The new Spartans -- Fred, Linda, and Kelly -- all feature a unique load out and specialty and fill the void left by Cortana’s absence. They appear in cut scenes throughout Halo 5 and interact with Master Chief, but whether or not they will be a good replacement for the much-loved female AI remains to be seen... DON'T MISS: Scratch That, Master Chief is the Main Character of Halo 5 In addition to Master Chief, Halo 5’s campaign also follows Spartan Jameson Locke, whose primary objective is to hunt down the Chief. Locke recruits a team of his own, Fireteam Osiris, to get the job done. Halo 5 is clearly loaded with a unique cast of playable characters that will offer a more engaging co-op gameplay experience than in the previous Halo games. Are you ready?

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