Halo 5: Guardians Maps Will be Free, 20 at Launch and 15 by June 2016

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Halo 5 Guardians Armor unlocks

Halo fans and lovers of first-person shooters in general will be glad to know that every map in Halo 5: Guardians will be free of charge. The first Halo game made specifically for the Xbox One will have 20 maps at launch and an additional 15 by June 2016 via DLC.

This welcoming news came from an issue of Game Informer, which provided an in depth preview of the highly anticipated first-person shooter. Now, why would 343 Industries and Microsoft release so much content for free, you’re probably wondering? Short answer: It’s an effective way of combating the problem of fractured online multiplayer communities. ALSO READ: Halo 5’s Single Player Lets You Control Three Companions Halo 2 was the first Halo game to offer paid DLC maps, but its map packs eventually became free. Unfortunately, that didn’t last, with Halo 3 seeing to it that maps -- regardless of how old they were -- had to be purchased, causing special playlists to form around the DLC maps since not all players could be expected to own them. Naturally, making every map free will completely eradicate this problem, keeping all players on the same playing field with regards to content owned. Whenever a new map pack becomes available, it can immediately be added to the online playlists, allowing all players to enjoy them with everyone else. Are you more likely to buy Halo 5: Guardians now that the maps will be completely free?

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