Guile Enters Street Fighter 5 as the All-American [Trailer]

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Guile Street Fighter 5

Guile has finally arrived in Street Fighter 5 sporting his iconic flattop haircut and moves.

As one of the classic world warriors, Guile remains a charge character and retains his trademark Sonic Boom and Flash Kick as his only special moves. However, Street Fighter 5’s V-Skill and V-Trigger system mechanics bolster his moveset with the ability to launch a stationary projectile and crouch walk. His reveal trailer not only shows his ever-so-slightly modified design, but also showcases some of his tricks in action. Watch it... [youtube] As a U.S. Air Force soldier, Guile is described as an hot-blooded, all-American who fights for peace and his country. He’s probably the least changed of the returning characters to Street Fighter 5. Will he be your main fighters?

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