GTA V Bug Lets Players Gain Millions in Free Money

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GTA V collage GTA V has officially landed on the Next-Gen consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4), and already gamers have found a few notable bugs, one which allows you to exploit GTA V’s stock market system via Lifeinvader and make millions in easy money. Surprisingly simple, the trick requires that you invest as much money as you can into Lifeinvader and then switch characters or save / reload the game. Once that’s done, pull out your in-game phone and log back into the stock market to sell off all of your Lifeinvader shares. Doing so will result in a nice little profit, even if the transaction indicates otherwise. The video below shows a player put the exact same trick to work using Franklin.He punches out an older lady before switching to Michael and selling off his shares for a large profit, but we don’t think that’s a necessary part of the process. Be nice to the elderly: [youtube] DON'T MISS: GTA 5 on PS4 & XB1 Run in 1080p/30FPS, PC in 4K Resolution While GTA V looks and plays beautifully on next-gen consoles, like most new games, it was bound to have glitches and bugs. It is worth noting that the exploit has only been tested on the PS4 and not on the Xbox One. If you want to take advantage of it to make easy money, you better act fast because developer Rockstar Games will almost certainly fix the glitch soon. Have you played Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? If so, let us know what you think about in the comments below. Is it worth buying?

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