Google Buys Twitch for $1 Billion, Does that Make You Happy?

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Twitch TV logo It's done! Following a series of reports, Google has finally bought Twitch for a whopping sum of $1 Billion. The video game-focused live streaming video platform is now part of Google family that includes YouTube and the much-lamented Google Plus. In fact, VentureBeat reports it was the YouTube division that was responsible for the buyout, fueling speculations that Twitch will be integrated into the large YouTube video network. If Google makes it so that the more than 50 million active Twitch users are forced to move their profiles over to Google Plus, it can expect backlash from the gaming community -- major backlash! Founded in 2011, Twitch has steadily grown to become a serious force in the world of video games. Monetizing its service through optional channel subscriptions and ads has been extremely successful, allowing the company to bolster its team. It has seen a surge in popularity ever since integrating into the console and mobile markets. As a gamer, what are your feelings on this? Will you stop using Twitch if it becomes one with YouTube and if you have to move your profile over to Google Plus? Shares your thoughts in the comments.

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