Forza 6 Has More Content than Forza 5, Best Racing Game Ever?

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Forza Motorsport 6

Forza 6 is the biggest game that developer Turn 10 has ever made and offers more content that Forza 5. In fact, it has the potential to be the best racing game ever created.

GameReactor UK had a chance to interview Turn 10’s Dan Greenawalt, who share quite a bit at just how ambitious Forza 6 is, stating "this is the biggest game we've ever built.” As we previously reported, Forza 6 will have over 450 cars at launch, all of which are customizable, have damage modelling and come with detailed cockpit view. There will also be 26 environments with “ten new” places for you to drive, a 70 hour career mode and 24 player multiplayer. MUST WATCH: Forza 6 Takes Realism To A Whole New Level – See Reveal Trailer As if that wasn’t enough, everything runs in a crisp 1080p and at 60fps (frames per second)... Forza 6 looks to have the makings of the best racing game ever made -- the game fans of the series actually wanted when the Xbox One launched back in November 2013, as opposed to Forza 5, which was rushed in order to be ready for the console’s release. As a matter of fact, Forza 5 launched with just over 200 cars (some accessible only as paid DLC) and only 14 tracks, fewer than in Forza 4 in both regards. It was a good racing game that could have been so much better. While there is always chance that a game as big as Forza 6 might disappoint, we don’t think it will. Considering how poorly the Xbox One has been performing against the PlayStation 4, it needs to be a success. Will Gran Turismo 7 be able to compete?

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