Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Trailer Reveals More Than Anyone Expected

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Cloud

Not long after announcing that a remake of Final Fantasy 7 is coming to the PlayStation 4, Square Enix used Sony’s PlayStation Experience to show off the JRPG’s first gameplay trailer, and it’s outstanding.

While not as long as we hoped for, the trailer gives us enough content for our jaws to drop hard. The beautiful cutscenes and visceral gameplay footage reveal a game that’s more than a “mere’ remake. Everything about the original games seems to have been rebuilt from the ground up -- the graphics and voice work have been significantly enhanced, while a new camera system gives the gameplay a more cinematic look and feel and is more in line with what we see in some of the most recent Final Fantasy games. Speaking of gameplay, it’s now more of a traditional action game than a strict JRPG, with Cloud squeezing between environmental objects like Lara Croft does in the Tomb Raider games. Are you happy with the change? Watch the much-improved Final Fantasy 7 in action and let us know what think. Are you as excited as we are to play it? [youtube] While we wait for the impressive Final Fantasy VII Remake, Sony has made the PC port of the PS1 classic available for download on the PS4.

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