Final Boss Aria Arrives in KI Season 2, She Wants You to Evolve or Die!

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Final boss Aria, Killer Instinct

Aria has finally arrived in Killer Instinct Season 2, and as the final boss character of the much-loved fighting game, she wants you to evolve or die! It's time you checked out her reveal trailer...

The cybernetic female CEO of Ultratech has one mission, which she makes very clear in the following dialog:
"If only they knew what waited for them... Humans transformed into monsters, spirits, ancient creatures, immortal madmen, aliens from beyond our solar system, and now primeval horrors looking to devour them. Despite my efforts, humanity grows weak and complacent while their successors gather all around them. My prediction models show that they will not survive. I cannot allow that; I will put them back on the path; I will test them, push them; and I will not be gentle. It is time for a reckoning! Humanity will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future. Evolve or die -- the choice is yours!"
DON'T MISS: Watch Killer Instinct Season 2’s Final Boss, ARIA, Fight [youtube] Would you look at that, Aria is not the complete bad guy that fans of the new Killer Instinct expected her to be. Oh, don’t get us wrong, she’s going to kill a lot of people, but it won’t be out of evil intent or any sort of malice. All she wants is to apparently save humanity at all costs… So, what do you think about Aria? Is she the ideal final boss character for Killer Instinct in terms of her story, design and gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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