Fight Tigers, Elephants, Honey Badgers in Far Cry 4 Arena Mode

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[youtube] While you can use elephants as strategic and uber-destructive tools in Far Cry 4, they won't always be on your side. As the strange video above reveals, the game's Arena Mode lets you fight not only elephants, but also tigers, honey badgers and other deadly jungle animals. From the looks of things, Arena Mode subjects players to a Gladiator-Style, horde-like scenario where they must fend off waves of animals and armed humans. In the video, we see droves of in-game baddies getting laced with bullets, as well as...humans dressed up in various animal suits battling it out in a cage. Don't ask, just watch. Yes, multiplayer elements like horde mode have become played out, but Arena Mode will undoubtedly enhance Far Cry 4's replay value, giving many players yet another reason to keep coming back to the game. Just imagine fending off a horde of Honey Badgers... Far Cry 4 is playable on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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