FIFA 16 Has FUT Draft Mode with Improved Drafting

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FIFA 16 Has FUT Draft Mode

At Gamescom 2015, EA revealed that FIFA 16 has FUT Draft Mode, which is essentially the soccer game’s version of the Draft Champions mode in Madden 16.

It is essentially a combination of the fantasy-esque mode in Madden 16 and a much improved version of FIFA’s existing Ultimate Team. Rather than being forced to start with a completely random team that can only be enhanced with packs later on, FUT Draft Mode gives you the option to draft a team from scratch that can play locally or online. CHECK OUT: Top New Features of FIFA 16, Plus First Gameplay Trailer FIFA 16 brings a host of other improvements to the pitch, including smarter defenders and goalies, new dribbling tricks, and female teams. Aggressive agility will be hallmark of the game. EA describes FIFA 16 as a “balanced, beautiful, futbol game.” Let’s just hope it’s not all talk...

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