Eyedol Returns to Killer Instinct, Two Heads Better Than One

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Eyedol, New Killer Instinct

Eyedol, one of the hardest and downright cheapest bosses in fighting games history, has been reinvented for Killer Instinct on the Xbox One and PC. His addition completes the return of every character from the original two Killer Instinct games.

The new Eydol features a interesting take on his classic design. Instead of having two fully-formed heads, he now has one that was gruesomely split into two by Gargos in what was likely an epic battle between the two KI bosses. He also wields a versatile mace rather than a giant bludgeoning club. Each half of the lumbering giant's head has achieved a separate consciousness and accompanying moveset, with one being a relentless savage and the other an intelligent mage. You actually switch between the them during combat. Eyedol's trailer shows off his grotesque design and many of his hard-hitting moves. It ends with an ultimate showdown with Gargos, a match-up Killer Instinct fans have been clamoring for since the 1990s... [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjoe9ylFoi8&w=800&h=366] Eyedol is the final, non-bonus character of Killer Instinct Season 3 and is playable on July 22, 2016, for Ultra and Supreme Edition and on July 29th for Combo Edition owners. What do you think about his overall design?

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