Experience Life After a Nuclear Fallout with Fallout Shelter

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Fallout Shelter Apple iOS Game

Bethesda has announced ‘Fallout Shelter’, a free-to-play mobile game that lets you experience life after a nuclear fallout. No, this isn’t Fallout 4, although both share a similar setting...

Currently available to download, Fallout Shelter lets you play as the “Overseer,” an important character who essentially takes care of the citizens that are living in Vault-Tec. Part of your jobs is to feed them, provide them with appropriate shelter, and protect them from threats both inside the vault and out. DON'T MISS: Fallout 4 Will Never Come to the PS3, Xbox 360 Fallout Shelter has no pay wall and doesn’t require you to be online to play. There are also no annoying timers that prevent you from progressing. Fallout Shelter looks to be an interesting game that should keep fans of the Fallout Series entertained until Fallout 4 releases in November 2015. It’s currently only available for Apple iOS devices but will eventually be released on Android phones and tablets. Are you into post-apocalyptic games?

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