Even Famous Boxer Mike Tyson Plays Destiny...

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Mike Tyson in white shirt Since hanging up his boxing gloves, Mike Tyson has become a rather well-rounded guy, relatively speaking, of course. He now does speeches, acts in movies and shows, and even plays video games. He is apparently quite fond of Destiny. "I play video [games]," he said while on the Mike Calta Morning Show. When asked which games he played, he responded, "Destiny. I play a lot of Destiny," though he also plays Call of Duty. Click here to listen to his full interview with Mike Calta. MUST READ: Around 3 Million People Play Destiny Everyday for 3 Hours Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal any other details, such as which console he plays Destiny on and his character class. But considering his boxing background, we get the feeling he shoots it out as the melee-focused Titan or possibly the overpowered Hunter Bladedancer. So the next time you’re taken down in the Crucible, just remember that it could have been Mike Tyson that laid the punishment. And, oh, he doesn't watch porn any more...

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