EA and Nexon Team up to Make Titanfall Online

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Titanfall Titan pilot

EA has teamed up with Nexon to make a game called “Titanfall Online.” For those not familiar with Nexon, they are a Korean developer that specialize in free to play PC and mobile games.

According to Game Focus, the name ‘Titanfall Online’ is still tentative and might change, but the game is under development. Similar to how Halo Online is exclusive to Russia, there is a chance that Titanfall Online will be only offered in selected regions, such as Asia. In fact, North American and European gamers might never get a chance to play it. DON'T MISS: Titanfall 2 Will Release On Both Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Titanfall Online is still in early development, so details are scarce. Game Focus did however provide what looks like an early screenshot from the game, one showing a lot of titans engaged in combat. It appears the action-packed gameplay from the first game will be retained, at least in part. Original Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment seems to have no involvement in the free to play game, as they are currently working on a sequel to the game that will be released sometime in the near future. What do you expect from Titanfall Online?

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