Dragon Age: Inquisition's A.I. is "Pretty Intelligent"

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dragon age inquisition combat Dragon Age: Inquisition promises players many things. In addition to featuring a sprawling open-world experience, deep character customization and dynamic gameplay, the action role-playing video game is said to offer “pretty intelligent” A.I. That’s swell, because the last thing you need is your computer-controlled companions getting you killed for “WTF” reasons. In an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle (the game is for all home consoles and PC, excluding the Wii U), BioWare Producer Cameron Lee was inquired if Inquisition’s companion A.I. had improved over Dragon Age: Origins’ rather “stupid” programming, to which he responded:
I don't know that you have to micro-manage people in Inquisition, you can if you want to, but the AI is pretty intelligent. So, they will do things like, for example, if you have Cassandra in your party – she’s a warrior, and if you’ve built her to be kind of like a tank warrior, an offensive warrior, she’s going to try and draw aggro across everyone, all the enemies around her. In particular try and draw the agrro from enemies you’ve got targeted as well. So, they’ll be quite intelligent in how they react. And of course from there you can customize how those companions behave and what sort of abilities they use more often than others and how they use their own resources in terms of health, and stamina, and mana, and stuff like that as well.
In other words, you will have more say in what the A.I. does -- you know, so that your companions don’t run in circles or into a wall. Dragon Age: Inquisition is set in the fantasy world of Thedas, featuring a game map that is four times larger than in the previous two games of the series and offers more opportunities for exploration. You will be able to craft your characters based on multiple races, classes and sex. Combat places an emphasis on your ability to prepare, position, and form a cohesive team your companions, requiring you to use your head. For those that like to get their giddy on, there is a deep romance aspect that allows you to court members of virtually or primary races. In fact, Dragon Age: Inquisition features the first fully gay character from BioWare, and chances are you can woe him regardless of your sex. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a very deep game that will have you playing for hours on end. What are you most looking forward to doing in the game?

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