Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Extensive Customization

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Dragon Age Inquisition character Extensive customization in a Dragon Age game is nothing new, but Dragon Age: Inquisition is Bioware's most ambitious title to date. It’s massive and overflowing with substance. IGN reports that Inquisition is the Canadian developer’s most customizable yet, providing players with over 200 abilities, spells and upgrades to choose from as they craft each individual member of their party. Think of the possibilities... With regards to weapons and other items, whereas most RPGs require players to follow a strict recipe -- for example, needing pieces of specific metals to make a sword -- Inquisition lets you use three pieces of any metal to craft that sword. Your choice of materials will not only change the way your equipment looks, but also its properties. The use enchantments further allow you to make each item unique. As usual, you can customize your Inquisitor’s face in fine detail, but not his/her body. Taken together, the extensive customization possibilities will allow players to craft their own unique experience. Click here for more on what you can expect from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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