Dhalsim Stretches And Burns Way Into Street Fighter 5

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91jPgq6qWpQ?rel=0&w=800&h=366]

The final character to join Street Fighter 5’s launch roster is none other than the stretchy, fire-breathing Dhalsim, who enters the fray with many of his iconic moves plus some new ones.

Visually, Dhalsim has aged, donning a grey beard and wearing what appears to be a turban. Is it a look you agree with? He retains his status as Street Fighter’s predominant zoning character, one able to hit characters from a distance with nearly all his attacks. His unique V abilities in the game are as follows: V-Skill: Yoga Float -- a familiar special that sees Dhalsim jump into the air and float for a few seconds. He can attack while floating. V-Trigger: Yoga Burner -- essentially a flame carpet, Dhalsim shoots a stream of flames onto the ground that linger for an extended period of time, causing opponents that stand in the fire to lose recoverable health. Once out of the flames, they start to regain that health. What do you think about how Dhalsim turned out in Street Fighter 5? [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="large" ids="5500,5498,5502,5495,5496,5501,5499,5497"]

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