Destiny - Why You Should Be Excited for this Role-Playing FPS

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[youtube] Bungie's upcoming masterpiece is shaping up to change the face of first-person shooters forever. Destiny is a very ambitious project that seeks to combine massively multiplayer online role-playing elements with first person shooting gameplay to produce a game like no other. From what we’ve seen at E3, it seems to truly be living up to the hype, but why exactly should you be excited? Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting features of Bungie’s upcoming title.

Incredible Graphics

Bungie has always been known to produce good looking games. They revolutionized the gaming industry when they created the Halo series; now that they have access to the next generation of consoles in the PS4 and the Xbox One, they are set to deliver a game that provides a strong preview of what the two consoles have to offer. [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="large" ids="75,76"] Graphics haven’t looked this good in a first person shooter before. Lighting is hyper realistic, character models are very detailed and unique, and environments look crystal clear. Particle effects from bullets colliding with walls, as well as the abilities of each class are unique and flashy. With a tremendous amount of time invested in crafting a beautiful world, there is no doubt that Destiny is one of the best looking games of the new generation revealed to date.

Customization Galore

Bungie promises to present a system that allows you to truly tailor your character to your liking. Every piece of gear the player acquires, along with their individual stats, will be unique. In addition, there will be a flexible talent system that allows the player to cater their character to their particular playing style. The game never forces you to follow a path; instead, it encourages you to experiment and create your own unique experience. There will be a great variety of weapons and armor types, further expanding the ways you can customize your character(s).

Challenging Gameplay & Seamless Multiplayer

As an MMO, Destiny will eventually grow to a point where it becomes difficult to succeed without the help of groups. Enemies are not the cannon fodder like in the standard MMO and the AI promises to challenge player and groups alike. Enemies will take cover, retaliate swiftly and are capable of employing swarming tactics, pressuring you to constantly evolve your strategies in order to survive. Bosses in the game take a combined effort to defeat, with a single player often being unable to make good progress. Teamwork is vital to success. Bungie promises to create a seamless multiplayer experience. At any time, players can join your world and fight alongside you. This translates very well into the PvP system of the game which incorporates such classic modes as team deathmatch, capture the flag and domination with many new modes that will be introduced later on down the line. Bungie has also promised no lobbies, an irk that many gamers have with multiplayer systems. [youtube]

Cooperative Multiplayer That Actually Works

Destiny will make classic MMO problems with loot sharing, communication and attempts to find groups are a thing of the past. Loot in the game spawns for each player, with rare items being decided by a roll of the dice depending on the loot system the party is using. Every class succeeds at things that the others do not, which ensures that groups are always balanced and, most importantly, readily available. Destiny is truly shaping up to be a blockbuster title. With such a tremendous production and replay value, it’s a game that certainly seems to be well on its way to being the FPS that many fans have been waiting for. To say that there are high hopes for Bungie’s latest creation would be an understatement.

Steady Content

Destiny will be kept up to date with a steady release of new content at set intervals. This content is not limited to just new weapons, armor and equipment; it will also include new locations to explore, new missions and -- most importantly -- new character classes. [gallery columns="4" link="file" size="thumbnail" ids="78,89,88,87,81,85,84,83,82,80,79,86"]

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