Dark Souls 3 Screenshot and Information Leaked? What do You Think?

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dark souls 3 screenshot

Information regarding Dark Souls 3, as well as the first-ever screenshot, have been leaked ahead of the game’s reveal at E3 2015.

According to the guys at The Know, Dark Souls 3 is expect to release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and possibly on the PC at a later date. Like From Software’s previous work, Bloodborne, it will have 1-4 player online. The game will launch with 10 playable classes, 100 new weapons, 40 new armor sets, 60 minutes of Cutscenes, and around 12 main areas. You will combat 45 new enemies and 15 new bosses. Regarding Dark Souls 3’s improved gameplay, players will now be able to perform ‘Sacrifices’ on bodies and drag them around. Once a sacrifice ritual or ceremony is performed, you can visit another player’s game but at the risk of a bounty being placed on your head. Fortunately, the ability to create bonfires and summon NPC characters to help out while doing sacrifices should help discourage enemies from attacking you. Boss battles have also gotten more interesting, thanks to a new a ‘heat up’ mechanic that changes boss fights based on undescribed factors. For example, a boss will change into an unanticipated form based on the factors in play. There are speculations that the ‘heat up’ mechanic is a revamped, more robust version of the light and dark tendencies from Demon’s Souls that changed elements of the game based on your actions. Finally, there is another new mechanic called ‘Sword Fighting Arts’, which seems to have something to do with special moves that players can have their characters learn to further distinguish them. From Software has yet to confirm any of these changes and additions, so stayed tuned to GameTribute for future Dark Souls 3 developments.

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