Chinese Parents Sell Children to Buy Video Games

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Parents Sell Children for Video Games In what must be one of the dumbest, careless and most rotten things anyone can do, two Chinese parents have been arrested for allegedly selling their children to child traffickers in order to buy more virtual items for free-to-play video games. According to the young unwed parents, their first child was unplanned and, as they were not able to support him financially, was sold off to traffickers. It didn't help that they were blowing whatever little money they had on online games. You'd think they've learned a lesson the first time around, but then they had a second son. And again they decided they could support the child, so they sold him off too. Video game addiction is a problem in China, but child trafficking is an even bigger problem, one affecting thousands of people every year. Children in the possession of traffickers are sold to new parents, street gangs and street peddlers, and/or even orphanages for adoption overseas. Considering that trafficking children is highly illegal in China, convicted felons often face execution. It was the husband's father -- likely out of concern for his grandchildren -- who reported the problem to the police. The couple are now in prison and awaiting trial and sentencing.

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