China Has Lifted 15-Year Ban on Video Game Console Sales

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Xbox One vs PS4

China has finally lifted its 15-year ban on the sale of video game consoles, and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo couldn’t be happier. It is the world’s largest consumer market, after all...

In a statement made to The Wall Street Journal, China’s Ministry of Culture revealed that foreign and domestic companies will be granted the right to manufacture and sell consoles throughout the country. The ban was originally imposed in 2000 over “concerns” that children could harm themselves physically and mentally from overexposure to video games. DON'T MISS: Xbox One is the First Modern Gaming Console to Launch in China China’s State Council actually allowed foreign companies to manufacture and distribute consoles back in 2014 but restricted sales to within Shanghai’s free trade zone. While both Sony and Microsoft have since released their respective consoles in the country, neither the PlayStation 4 nor Xbox One have yet to replicate the success each has enjoyed in other world markets. It remains to be seen whether the removal of the ban will change the fortunes of Sony and Microsoft for the better, but both tech companies now have the opportunity to convince the Chinese public of the strengths of their respective console.

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