Capcom Wants to Attract Newer, Younger Gamers with SF5

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Ken, Street Fighter 5

Capcom is betting big on Street Fighter 5. In addition to wanting the title to be the preeminent fighting game of this gaming generation, the Japanese publisher / developer hopes it will expand the popularity of the franchise to attract a younger audience in the fast-growing eSports scene.

In an interview with MCVUK, Capcom EMEA brand manager Brian Ayers expressed a desire for the latest Street Fighter to become even more mainstream than it currently is, stating:
“We really hope that Street Fighter V can bring in a newer, younger audience. Perhaps more of an eSports audience, as well. Street Fighter is actually one of the first eSports titles out there, but it’s relatively underground compared to the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends.”
It’s true -- despite being the most renowned fighting game franchise ever, Street Fighter isn’t as popular as one would expect, and as someone who loves fighting games with a passion, I love to see the day when any fighting game, be it Killer Instinct, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, becomes as big as Dota or Call of Duty in eSports. Wouldn't you?

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