Call of Duty Won’t Have Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One?

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The Call of Duty games are among the highest requested for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, but it seems gamers won’t get what they want. When Microsoft used Gamescom 2015 to reveal a long list of prominent publishers that were on board with Backwards Compatibility, there was no mention of Activision.

Earlier in 2015, Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption topped the list for most requested backwards compatible game, and it will likely come to the Xbox One. Call of Duty: Black Op 2 was also strongly positioned at the top of the list, but chances are it will remain last-gen-exclusive. ALSO READ: Black Ops 3 Beta, DLC will Come to PS4 First When Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg was asked whether or not Call of Duty titles would be backwards compatible, he alluded that Activision probably opted out. Then again, Microsoft might release a second list down and line with the publisher included... All Xbox One users would be able to access the backwards compatibility library starting in November 2015. What last-gen games are you looking forward to playing on the Xbox One?

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