Battlefield 1 Has No Female Soldiers Because ‘Boys Won’t Find it Believable’

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Battlefield 1

Fun fact -- women served in World War 1, both in the civilian work force and the military. With Battlefield 1 primed to shake up the online shooter genre with a surprisingly vibrant and colorful look at the First World War, you might be surprised to hear it won’t have female soldiers.

The reason why developer DICE decided to omit the fairer gender from the grueling, very violent action is apparently because boys wouldn’t find it believable. Former DICE coder Amandine Coget stated on Twitter:
“The original BF1 pitch given onstage was WW1, with one caveat: ‘screw realism, we’re adding female soldiers, because we’re way overdue’. Turns out BF1 was going for realism after all! Female [characters] matter but ‘it’s just not the game we’re making’.”
Coget added that despite Dice going with some decisions for Battlefield 1 that have nothing to do with historical realism (e.g. how tanks function or the lethality rates of early parachutes), female soldiers remained a big no-no:
“I did eventually get them to spit out the real reasons. All that is believable but female soldiers are not, to the core audience of boys.”
Interestingly, DICE isn’t ignoring the gender entirely -- Battlefield 1’s story campaign features a female lead character. Even so, rather than educate boys on WW1, they seem to want to keep them ignorant. That’s a shame especially when considering competing shooters like Overwatch and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare let you play as females. Do you agree with the omission of female characters in Battlefield 1? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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