Batman: Arkham Knight PC Beta Patch Fixes Almost Everything

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Batman Arkham Knight, rain

To say that Batman: Arkham Knight had a disastrous launch on the PC would be an understatement. It was so bad that publisher WB games stopped selling it because of quality concerns. Fortunately, a new patch supposedly fixes everything immensely.

Steam users who have downloaded the most recent patches report that they fix the embarrassing frame rate issues, as well as the various performance woes. However, with so many various PC configurations, the result vary from gamer to gamer, with some calling the updated experience buttery smooth and others describing it as “playable.” Regardless, it’s good to see that Warner Bros. has not given up on the PC version of Arkham Knight and especially good that they are making good on their promise to make things right with those angered by their purchase of the game at launch. Teams are still working on downloadable content and season pass content for Batman: Arkham Knight on all platforms.

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