Are Pokemon & Other Nintendo Games Coming to Mobile Devices?

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Pokemon Even though the mobile gaming scene is overflowing with hundreds, if not thousands, games, gamers have long wondered when Nintendo would bring Pokémon, Super Mario and its other iconic franchises to smartphones. Well, the Japanese video game company has apparently patented an emulator that will enable GameBoy titles to run on mobile devices, desktop computers, and even the seat-back displays in trains or airplanes. Emulators running old Nintendo games have been around for years, so you could say the company is just running late for the party. Even so, it would be nice for gamers to -- you know -- finally have a legitimate means to play their favorite Nintendo franchises on the aforementioned devices. MUST SEE: New Pokémon Fighting Game ‘Pokkén Tournament’ Revealed! Despite their age, old school Pokemon and Super Mario games would look pretty good on small screens, at least more so than they do on a PC screen. But considering that mobile gamers -- like any other consumer group -- want the newest and best, Nintendo might actually port over newer titles from the 3DS and even the Wii U. Hell, it might even consider developing exclusive new titles, so cross your fingers. While nothing has been confirmed, the fact that Nintendo has been struggling financially likely means it can’t ignore the increasingly lucrative mobile gaming market forever. What Nintendo games do you want to see come to mobile devices? Let us know in the comments below.

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