Arbiter from Halo Teased in Killer Instinct Fighting Game

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Halo's Arbiter in Killer Instinct

In addition to revealing Kim Wu at the Killer Instinct World Cup, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy Studios surprised everyone by teasing the Arbiter from Halo 5: Guardians. That’s right, the Arbiter will be a playable character in KI Season 3!

The Arbiter will join Rash from Battletoads as one of a number of guest characters to be featured in the latest Killer Instinct. His teaser shows him loading his gun and activating his Energy Sword, leading us to believe he will fight very similar to how he does in Halo 5. [youtube] The video appears to also show off the alien’s stage, which looks to be based on his homeworld of Sanghelios. The addition of guest characters in the Killer Instinct reboot has been controversial, but there is no denying that characters like Rash and the Arbiter will keep players engaged and spending money. If you don’t already play Killer Instinct, are more likely to give it a try now that the Arbiter will be in it? Let us know in the comments below.

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