Angry Dad Destroys Son’s Xbox After Catching Him Stealing

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Dad destroys sons Xbox While many kids get away with stealing, one American kid not only got caught in the act, but also had to watch as his Xbox got destroyed by his father as punishment. The mischievous kid was actually ‘fortunate’ to be given two options by his pissed off dad: 1) get the ass-whopping of a lifetime, one with a belt, or 2) watch as his $400 Xbox 360 gets obliterated. Needless to say, he ended up seeing -- watery eye and all -- what happens when a full-size SUV runs over a fragile gaming device and his days owning noobs in Call of Duty come to an end. Daddy didn't want to go jail... [youtube] Is there any kid who wouldn’t be traumatized by something like that? Which option would you have chosen? via Too Manly

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