Alleged Half-Life 3 Teaser Website Warns About Black Mesa Disaster

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Half-Life 3 logo A new Half-Life 3 rumor has surfaced, this time coming from a mysterious website that contains an emergency broadcast signal warning about a disaster that occurred at the Black Mesa Research Facility. It's by no means clear evidence that a Half-Life 3 game is actually in development, but it may be the most believable to date. Click here to listen to the broadcast and let us know what you make of it. For those not familiar with the Half-Life universe, the Black Mesa Research Facility was as the setting for the original game and its expansions. In addition to mentioning the facility, the website also has the Half Life logo embedded in its source code. Sneaky, sneaky... Despite these suggestive elements, there is no clear indication that Valve is in anyway associated with the site, although we hope it was the one that put it up as a means to hype up an upcoming Half-Life 3 announcement. In fact, news of the site first came from Craig Mirfin, a level designer currently working on Black Mesa, which is essentially a remake of the original Half Life complete with updated levels and a multiplayer mode. There is a good chance that it was developed to promote the remake rather than tease Half-Life 3. Hell, it may even be a hoax, although the fact that Mirfin himself posted about it on Twitter makes that unlikely. Ah, so many questions, but so few answers. All we can do now is speculate, with the hopes that Valve will announce something tangible about Half Life 3 in the near future. Half-Life 3, where are you?

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