All Destiny Players will Receive a Free Legendary Item

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Destiny game Concept Art Developer Bungie has decided to treat all Destiny players to a special gift in the form a free Legendary Item. If it’s the Christmas present they promised back in December 2014, it’s long overdue. Even so, a free in-game item is always appreciated. Bungie says it’s a “small, but Legendary token of gratitude,” possibly for all the hours gamers spend playing the game. Regarding what it could be, the developer hinted “No Bjallarhorns. No need to decrypt, either, though we’re sure some gifts will be swiftly dismantled.” It will definitely not be an Engram. CHECK OUT: Destiny’s Player Count Reaches 13 Million A number of speculations have been thrown around in a heated debate on the Destiny subreddit, with one user believing it will be a Ghost Shell “because it’s small.” Another user thinks it could be the Legendary Sparrow EV-32 Snowblind, which was added to Destiny during the 2014 Halloween update. What if it turns out to be a new weapon or armor? According to Bungie, the Postmaster will let you know when the gift is available for pick up.

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