Activision Almost Beat Microsoft to Buy Rare

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Before British developer Rare settled in the hands of Microsoft, it was almost purchased by Activision in a heated bidding war.

Rare Ware worked with Nintendo for years to create some of the most memorable and iconic franchises in gaming history, but it went looking for a buyer after Nintendo could no longer fund their partnership and refused to purchase them outright. Apparently, when the studio began taking offers back in 2002, Activision was one of the biggest bidders: In an interview with IGN, Xbox co-creator Ed Fries revealed that the Call of Duty publisher was in line to win to take Rare at one point, stating:
“So we put in a bid and then Activision outbid us, and it looked like we were going to lose the deal."
If it wasn’t for former Xbox head Robbie Bach stepping in to adjust the bid to favor Microsoft, there's no doubt the Rare we know today wouldn’t be the same:
“And then at the very last minute Robbie [Bach] increased our bid and we won the deal. And that was it. Who knows what could have happened with Rare.”
With Microsoft seemingly neglecting the studio and forcing them to make Kinect games, Rare has finally switched gears to once again work on core products. The new Killer Instinct, for instance, has been a sales success. What would Rare be like today if its was Activision and not Microsoft that purchased it? Head to the comments section and share your thoughts.

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