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Welcome to GameTribute, an entertainment website that not only covers the latest and biggest gaming news, but also pays tribute to the good game — past and present. More than that, we provide game reviews, previews, and other exciting features, as well as host a large collection of the latest screenshots and game trailers.

When it comes to reviews, we praise developers, games or publishers that deserve to be praised and don’t hold back when pointing out their errors. We like games, but especially love and great games.

Yes, GameTribute was created to bring objectivity to the field of online gaming journalism, something we feel is severely lacking nowadays. Our crew is composed of old-school gamers that understand the on-goings of the industry, and have grown up with it over the decades.

GameTribute covers every gaming platforms, spanning current-gen consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, to the venerable PC, all the way to mobile systems like the Nitendo 3DS and smartphones. Regardless of the platform, our goal is to provide top-notch journalism on the grounds that gaming deserves the same high level of quality as everything else.

In essence, GameTribute is a community-based video game magazine for gamers by gamers.

GameTribute is part of the TributeOne Media Group, a growing online portfolio with publications in the tech, movie / TV, automotive, food, scientific and other segments.