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Top 10 Most Influential Video Games of All Time

In coming up with this list of top 10 most influential video games of all time, we looked at the games that 1) had the most impact on their respective genres and 2) on gaming as a whole. We took into account their popularity, legacy and innovation. We asked the opinions of our fellow gamers and even popped opened a few encyclopedias.

Read through our list and let us know what you think about each game that made the cut. What changes would you make, if any?

Alone in the Dark Original

10) Alone in the Dark

Developer: Infogrames; Release: 1992 on the PC

Widely considered the first survival horror game, Alone in the Dark is the the inspiration behind titles like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. It was a game full of scares, one where just looking around a corner could get you killed. Alone in the Dark established the framework that modern survival horror games still follow to this day, although Resident Evil has deviated quite a bit from that framework.

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