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Titanfall Review: Lovers of Shooters & Big Robots, This Game is for You



The first-person shooter (FPS) genre remains the most popular video game genres in the world, with Call of Duty and Battlefield leading the charge. However, there has been much criticism, particularly from enthusiasts, about how little modern shooters have changed over the past decade. In a clear response to that criticism, new-kid-on-the-block Titanfall seeks to shake things up, but is it the savior many feel the genre needs or just another Call of Duty wanna be? Let’s find out.


Created by Respawn, Titanfall is a multiplayer FPS that pits players into a futuristic war between two different factions wielding giant, heavily-armed robots and other spiffy technology like highly-functional and integral jetpacks. But considering multiplayer is the game’s selling point, there isn’t much in the way of story.

There is a campaign mode consisting of 9 multiplayer matches that you play through twice: once as a member of the overbearing galactic corporation known as the IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation) and a second time as a freedom fighting Militia. Respawn tries to create a coherent narrative and context for the conflict between the two factions, but fails to deliver anything innovative or compelling.

The idea of bringing narrative context into the intense gameplay of a multiplayer shooter is novel, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Most of the story is reduced to background noise in the frenetic action that is Titanfall.

Gameplay & Multiplayer

Story aside, Titanfall was developed around multiplayer first and foremost and it is in this area that it shines. Summoning a Titan for the first time and seeing its drop down from the heavens, ready to make mincemeat out of your enemies, is a truly memorable experience indeed. The matches are varied, fast-paced and intense, while all weapons have a great feel and a strategic use.

There are 15 different maps to choose from, all capable of holding up to 12 players. While that might seem little, Respawn focused its resources on delivering maps that are well-thought-out, fair and engaging, ones that strongly accommodate the core gameplay styles of the jetpack-wielding, wall-climbing soldier “pilot” and the intimidating, highly-destructive walking tanks.

Speaking of the titans, they are divided into three archetypical types, one focusing on raw destructive power, another on speed and one being a jack o all trades but a master of none. Each is truly unique, allowing you to tailor them to your own play style.

To stand up to the Titans, pilots are equipped with a myriad of tools — namely cloaking and speed-enhancing stims — that help them to safely get up close to them, climbing onto their shoulders and blasting their nerve centers. But be warned, the giants robots have “bug” zappers, among other defensive capabilities.

Titanfall is about balance — the maps are balanced, weapons and abilities are balanced, and the gameplay between soldiers and titans is balanced. Some of the best gameplay moments occur when two titans face off against each other as supporting pilots engage in battle around them. The action is so intense and the maps so well designed that sitting in a corner waiting for someone to come by will often get you killed. This is not a game for campers.

There are five game modes to choose from — Attrition, Last Titan Standing, Hardpoint Domination, Pilot Hunter and the good ol’ Capture the Flag — which is not enough for any modern-day shooter, let alone one that prides itself on multiplayer. A solid progression system allows you to level up and gain access to more powerful skills for both your pilot and Titan.

Graphics & Sound

Titanfall is an AAA title, so graphical expectations were quite high. Fortunately, it delivers the goods. Everything in the game looks gorgeous, from the vivid and dazzling maps to the pilots and titans that populate them. The character designs are superb and their animations fluid, while the weapons look and sound as how you would expect futuristic weapons to look and sound. Hearing a 12-foot tall robot engaged in combat near you is as thrilling as it is nerve-wrenching.

The soundtrack is comprised of various action-packed tracks that blend well with the intense gameplay. Though it won’t win any awards, it gets the job done.

Bottom Line



Titanfall is a breath of fresh air in the first-person shooter genre. Although it lacks a compelling story and a large selection of game modes, its addictive multiplayer offers thrills unlike most other shooters, providing fast-paced gameplay that is as balanced as it is adrenaline-pumping. The maps are superbly-designed, eschewing quantity for quality. Weapons, abilities and gameplay systems all play together very nicely to deliver a grand experience.


How to Find the Best Geography Trivia Games to Help You Learn About the World



Geography Trivia Game - world map with compass
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You can have fun while learning about the world.

Geography can be an exciting subject to learn about, but reading about it only in textbooks can take away a lot of fun.

Learning can be fun. By taking a challenging trivia quiz, or watching intriguing videos about the wonders of the world, you can start learning more about far off places thanks.

If you have a student who is struggling with geography, or you would simply like to learn more about the different parts of the world, the are iOS and Android apps that can make it an enjoyably experience.

Educational Geography Trivia Mobile Games

Choose Trivia Apps At Your Preferred Difficulty Level

There are varying levels of expertise when it comes to geography. Some people may love the subject and have a vast knowledge of the world while others may know very little about countries outside of their own.

The good news is that there are many trivia apps available with different difficulty levels so you can find the one that challenges you the most. Everyone from preschoolers to college students can find enjoyment as they learn more about the world around them, thanks to these apps that are filled with useful information.

Before you download, take a moment to read up on reviews to find out just how challenging others found the trivia app. This will help to ensure that you find the right geography themed app for your skill level.

Play Online With Friends Before a Big Exam

One of the best ways to prepare for an upcoming geography exam is to study with friends. Geography trivia games can be a great resource for individuals, but they can also be useful for groups of friends who like to challenge each other.

Whether you want to compete against one another to prove who is the geography expert in your group, or you want to work together as a team, you can find a trivia app for that. If you choose to compete as a team, you have the opportunity to bring together your collective knowledge of faraway lands to win the game.

Regardless of which option you prefer, you are still able to gain a significant amount of knowledge and fun facts about the world.

Join Fun Online Tournaments and Win Prizes

Online tournaments are a great way to challenge yourself or just pass the time. If you love competing for prizes, these apps are the right choice for you. While most of the free geography apps out there will only provide you with bragging rights, there are some paid subscription apps where you can win cash prizes.

This can make your need to learn more about geography even more desirable. Once you manage to build up your knowledge on geography, you can form a team or play as an individual to take on some of the smartest geographical experts out there.

Competing for cash prizes is a great incentive for anyone who needs to brush up on their geography facts.

Geography Trivia Games: Final Thoughts

By using apps to help you learn more about Geography, you get to take a more interesting approach to this often overlooked subject. These apps can provide younger students with fun ways to make learning about other countries more enjoyable. And they can also help adults learn more about different parts of the world.

Challenging trivia apps can be both educational and entertaining, and there are even some apps that let you compete with friends and win prizes. View the world in a different way by downloading some of these insightful geography apps today. There are plenty of top-rated free and paid apps currently available to use on your Android or iPhone device.

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Xbox Series X

Everything We Know About The Xbox Series X So Far



Xbox Series X console
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It’s a new generation for the Xbox, likely with no holds barred.

The reveal of the Xbox Series X was one of the biggest moments ever in Game Awards history, largely because hardly anyone saw it coming. 

The console formerly code-named Project Scarlett certainly has many people asking questions, and we’re here to provide answers.

So, what do we know about the Xbox  Series X so far? Getting the most obvious out of the way first, it is the successor to the Xbox One X, which came out in 2017.

The console features a monolithic design that enables it to stand upright or on its side, but not flat like with with Xbox consoles.

Unsurprisingly, the Xbox Series X will also be the most most powerful Xbox ever made, with up to four times the processing power of the Xbox One X. It boasts a custom AMD processor and a solid-state drive (SSD), and supports 4K gaming up to 120FPS.

Microsoft has tasked all 15 Xbox Game Studios to develop games for the Series X so that it has “the largest and most creatively diverse lineup of Xbox exclusive games” in the brand’s history. 

The first game we will see is Hellblade 2, while a new Halo game called Halo Infinite will be one of its flagship titles.

The Xbox Series X is expected to be released during the 2020 holiday season. Given its loft performance targets, you can bet it will be pricey.

That’s a whole year of waiting until you can buy an Xbox Series X, but we’re here to fill you up on any new details Microsoft releases.

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Nintendo Turns 130 Years Old, Here Are Some Significant Milestones



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The Japanese video game giant is by far the oldest company in gaming.

September 23, 2019 marked the 130th birthday of Nintendo. The company was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi on the same day in 1889, making it a great granddaddy of business enterprises.

The company, which spent its first 40 years as a hanafuda playing card company named Nintendo Koppai, has outlived the oldest human being on record (Jiroemon Kimura, who lived to be 122 years old).

As Business Insider outlines in their deep-dive of the company’s history, Nintendo was hustling and bustling long before it got into game development and production. In addition to Hanafuda playing cards, it has operated taxis, love hotels, and instant rice production before eventually entering the toy industry.

The company forayed into the world of video games by making light guns for the Magnavox Odyssey in the 1970s. Eventually, in 1977, it released its first ‘console’, the Color TV-Game 6, which was jointly developed with Mitsubishi and contained six different versions of Pong.

The rest of Nintendo’s history from that point to today has been well-documented. Although 130 years doesn’t make it old enough to crack the top 100 oldest companies in the world, it is by far the oldest company in gaming.

Taito, for instance, was founded in 1953, while Sega began operations in 1960.

The best-selling Nintendo consoles are the Nintendo DS (154.02 million), the Game Boy and Game Boy Color (118.69 million combined), and the Wii (101.63 million). The Switch currently stands at nearly 40 million units sold.

Wii Sports is the company’s best selling game, managing to ship 82,870,000 units, although it worth mentioning that many came bundled with the console itself.

According to Metacritic, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remains the best reviewed game of all time.

Nintendo has had its ups and downs over the decades, but it is looking very healthy for a 130 year-old company, so much so that it ranked 21 on Forbes’ list of top regarded companies.

Whether you love their games or you’re just looking for an excuse to eat a birthday cake, take a moment to celebrate its success.

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PlayStation 4

PS4 Sales Surpasses 30 million Units In The US, 100 Million Worldwide



Sony Playstation 4 Pro With Controller
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Sony’s fourth-generation video game console has reached a new sales milestone in the US.

The PlayStation 4 has shipped 100 million units worldwide, with the United States accounting for the lion’s share.

According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, 30 million of those units were shipped to the U.S., with Japan following with 8.3 million units.

Germany, the United Kingdom, and France account for 7.2 million , 6.8 million, and less than 6 million shipments, respectively.

Shipment figures are typically higher than the actual number of units solid, since they only track retailer demand, but 100 million is nothing to scoff at.

It shows how much PS4 – and the PlayStation brand as a whole – rely on a worldwide audience, and why any slump in the U.S. market does not necessarily reflect the health of the rest of the world.

Are you one of the tens of millions of people who purchased a PlayStation 4? Are you happy with your purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

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Mobile Games

Minecraft Has Over 112 million Monthly Users – That’s A Lot Of Players



Minecraft Box Art
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Minecraft is an old game, but a lot of people still play it regularly. I mean A Lot!

Whereas most video games hit all their milestones within a year of their release, Minecraft is still extremely popular after ten years on the market.

One Chinese Minecraft player spent an entire year creating a awesome cyberpunk city that will surely amaze you.

Mojang studio head Helen Chiang revealed to Business Insider that the game has reached 112 million monthly users, outpacing all previous projections for how many people are playing the game.

For some perspective on how massive that is, consider that 112 million is over 1% of the world’s population, although we suspect that some people play over multiple devices or accounts, inflating that figure a bit.

Even so, that’s more active monthly users than Roblox, which has monthly active user base of 100 million.

Sales of Minecraft reached 176 million units in May 2019. With ray-tracing support coming to the PC version and Minecraft Earth soon to be released, expect sales to hit over 200 million units over the next few years.

These figures are made more impressive by the fact that Minecraft is not free to play. It’s a money-making machine.

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In Cyberpunk 2077, Lifepaths And Optional Companions Can Change Your Playthrough



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This is a game you will gladly play more than once.

CD Projekt has shed more light on Cyberpunk 2077, giving us a better idea of what players can expect from the single-player story.

The adventure by choosing between three different lifepaths for your custom character, each with a different starting location and story background that are strongly connected with the origin story for protagonist V. You can be a Nomad, Corpo or Street Kid.

Not only do the lifepaths define how Cyberpunk 2077 begins, but they also have dramatic consequences on specific missions. A Nomad, for example, will have more street smarts than a Corpo, but he might be out of his element in a board room, unable to properly lead a conversation.

When coming up with challenges, CD Projekt thought of how the different lifepaths could solve them as effectively as possible given their unique skill set. By delivering completely new experiences, the developer intends to give players plenty of motivation to play the game multiple times.

The class you choose also impacts how quests potentially play out.  Cyberpunk 2077’s fluid class system provided designers more opportunities to make quests even more nonlinear and develop new gameplay options that can change the story.

Finally, the game features optional companions that have their own motivations. Taking them along on certain quests can greatly change the outcome .

CD Projekt promises that each quest is handcrafted and has its own storyline, ranging from short skits to epic, multi-layered missions. There won’t be any fluff material like procedural missions.

By the look of things, expect to play through Cyberpunk 2077 at least three times. The game releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 16, 2020.

What are you most excited to experience?

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