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Luffy SFIV Champ EVO 2014


EVO 2014: Luffy Wins Ultra Street Fighter IV Championship for Europe

EVO 2013 ended on an epic and climatic note when France’s Luffy came back from the Losers’ Bracket to win Ultra Street Fighter IV, making him the first European player to ever win a Street Fighter tournament at EVO.

In fact, the top eight was full of new faces, with only one former “EVO” champion — Fuudo — in the mix. Luffy beating Bonchan in the epic final showdown (shown in the above video) solidified the Rose-player as possibly the best Ultra Street Fighter IV player on the planet, at least for the time being.

Fan favorites Daigo, Infiltration, Xian, PRBalrog, Tokido, Justin Wong, Ryan Hart, Smug, ChrisG, Nuki, and Haitani were — to the surprise of everyone — eliminated very early in the tournament, with all failing to make the Top 8. Just as unexpected as Luffy’s victory was Snake Eyez’s tear through the competition. The Zangief-player eliminated many top players with a character many consider low to middle-tier, but was stopped in his track permanently by a superior Luffy.

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To say Ultra Street Fighter IV brought a whole lot of unpredictability to EVO 2014 would be an understatement. Like Garireo’s win in BlazBlue, no one saw the Frenchman being crowned the world champion coming.

The full final results of Ultra Street Fighter IV play at Evo 2014, including prize winnings, are listed below:

1. MD|Luffy (Rose | $17,874)
2. Bonchan (Sagat | $5,958)
3. RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long | $2,979)
4. RG|Snake Eyez (Zangief | $1,191.60)
5. RZR|Gackt (Fei Long | $595.80)
5. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus, Rolento | $595.80)
7. EG|Momochi (Ken, Juri | $297.90,)
7. HORI|Sako (Ibuki, Evil Ryu, Elena, Gen | $297.90)

By being the winning character, Rose becomes the first female Street Fighter character to ever win at EVO.

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