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Mario Kart 8 racing game

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Mario Kart 8 Player Has Worst Luck You Will Ever See in a Video Game

Mario Kart 8 is a fun game, but unlike most racing games, being in first place in the final lap of the race is one of the most nerve-racking experiences anyone will ever endure in a video game. All the proof you need can be found in the video above.

Poor guy has the worst luck. As if getting hit by the dreaded blue shell wasn’t enough, how about also getting pummeled by three consecutive red shells, unceremoniously knocked into a river by Luigi, and then obliterated by non other than Bullet Bill.

After watching his misfortune, one wonders if anyone can ever recover from such a crushing defeat. We imagine it left some indelible emotional scarring.

Feel lucky that you will never endure an experience so debilitating, so long as you stay far away from Mario Kart 8, that is.

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