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Super Smash Bros Wii U May be the Last Smash Bros



Super Smash Bros Wii U

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the Super Smash Bro. series, will likely not make another Smash Bro game, which doesn’t bold well for the series. This is a shocking revelation considering the commercial success of both the Nintendo 3Ds and Wii U versions.

Sakurai, who has been involved in every Smash Bros since the original N64 title, says he went into Melee and Brawl thinking each game would be the last. With Smash Bros Wii U packing so much content, topping it would be a massive investment that he believes Nintendo will not be able to undertake.

“I can’t positively declare there won’t be [another Smash Bros. game],” Sakurai told Game Informer in an interview. “With both Melee and Brawl, I made those games with the thought that there wouldn’t be any more sequels. Thus, I really can’t deny the chance for another.”

So while another Smash Bros game is not completely out of the question, he will likely not be involved with another one.

“You could say that all the effort in the past to stretch out, keep pushing myself, and provide all these extra merits wound up tightening the noose around my neck in the future,” he explained.

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We understand, Sakurai — doing Super Smash Bros the justice it deserve will be too much pressure for any self-respecting video game developer, and there is no need to give fans a game that doesn’t live up to your high standards.

Even so, a future without a new Super Smash Bros game is a scary prospect. Do you see yourself playing the Wii U version forever?


Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 Enters Super Smash Bros. Wii U, 3DS



Clound FF7 in Super Smash Bros.

In arguably the biggest OMG moment in Smash Bros history, Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud Strife has been announced as a payable character in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. Did you ever imagine that would happen?

Revealed in a trailer during a Nintendo Direct, Cloud comes complete with most of his iconic moves, including limit breaks, an Odin summon, and even an Advent Children alternate costume.

Also a homage is his stage, which is based on famous Final Fantasy 7 city Midgar. The attention to detail to his overall design is impeccable…

Watch the full trailer and let us know what you think. Is he everything you expected him to be?

While Final Fantasy VII never came to any Nintendo system, Cloud did make an appearance in music spinoff Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and its sequel Curtain Call on the Nintendo 3DS, as well as in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on Game Boy Advance, so him entering Super Smash Bros. is not as farfetched as it might seem.

Nintendo didn’t reveal when our massive sword-wielding hero will be playable, nor the release date for his amiibo figure, so make sure to stay tuned to GameTribute for future developments.

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Shovel Knight is Coming to Super Smash Bros.?



Shovel Knight, Smash Bros

Rumors that Shovel Knight is coming to Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS have been somewhat validated by a leaked Shovel Knight Amiibo.

When the Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot was announced months ago, one of the most requested characters was the blue, shovel-wielding warrior. Although a third-party character whose games are now played on multiple systems, the Shovel Knight series first started on the Wii U and 3DS.

Shovel Knight Amiibo, Smash Bros

Shovel Knight Amiibo

Numerous sources claim that Shovel Knight is indeed coming to Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS, and GAME UK leaking his Amiibo erases nearly all doubts. There have even been reports of exclusive Shovel Knight content coming to Nintendo platforms.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U is one of my all-time favorite games, and it’s good to see Nintendo continuing to support it. Will Shovel Knight be a good addition to the game?

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Nintendo 3DS Gets Blastball, a Soccer Game with Giant Mech Suits



Blastball Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo kicked off its Nintendo World Championships at E3 2015 by announcing a new Nintendo 3DS game called Blastball, a sci-fi football (soccer) game that involves giant mech suits and play a lot like Metroid Prime Hunters

Rather than have players kick a ball around like they do today, they compete in giant mech suits and shoot at the ball from a first-person view!

With two teams of three going at each other, the goal (pun intended) of Blastball is to get a giant orb into your opponent’s net by blasting at it with a laser gun, using boosts and power-ups gathered while playing.

As if that wasn’t interesting enough, the net gets smaller every time a goal is scored and you can actually attack and disable the mechs on the other team.

The initial fan response to Blastball at E3 was somewhat muted, but everyone seemed into the intense action after the demonstrations were over. It looks like a fun game.

Stay tuned to GameTribute for more Nintendo 3DS news and videos.

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Ryu Brings Street Fighter to Smash Bros. 4, Full Details Inside



Ryu Smash Bro Wii U, 3DS

Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS has just received a host of amazing new content, the most impressive of which is arguably the inclusion of Ryu from Street Fighter.

The fireball-shooting, spin-kicking warrior brings his full suite of iconic moves to the fight, and we have the details you have been looking for.


Starting off with his appearance, Super Smash Bros. Ryu looks like, well, the Ryu from virtually every Street Fighter game ever made, so there isn’t much to say.

Smash Bros Ryu colors

His alternate colors range from traditional Street Fighter 2 colors to a couple of brand new hues.


Ryu’s trademark, bread-and-butter moves came along for the ride and look as deadly as ever. In Super Smash Bros. Wii US and 3DS, pressing the ‘B’ button does his hadouken (fireball), ‘side B’ does his tatsumaki (spin kick), and ‘up B’ does his shoryuken (uppercut).

Holding down B does a focus attack, which like in Street Fighter 4, lets Ryu absorbs hits with armor during the charge animation…

Smash Bros Ryu focus attack

Stage / Music

His stage is also a trip down memory lane and is a fusion of the rooftop Street Fighter 2 stage and the castle stage in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. Here it is…

Smash Bros Ryu stage

Ryu’s stage music is even more of a throwback than the stage itself. It’s a remix inspired by the interlude jingle from Street Fighter 2, and we love everything about it. Listen to it and let us know what you think…

I don’t know about, but Ryu looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try him out. What other non-Nintendo characters do you think should be added to Super Smash Brothers? Let us know in the comments below.

Reference: IGN, BrawlBRSTMs3

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Roy and Street Fighter’s Ryu Enter Super Smash Bros. Wii U, 3DS



Ryu and Roy, Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS have received two new fighters – Fire Emblem’s Roy and Street Fighter’s Ryu!

Roy’s inclusion in the fourth Smash Bros. game doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing that he was a playable character in Smash Bros. Melee on the GameCube. Ryu entering the fray, on the other hand, is a bit unexpected.

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In Melee, Roy was a slower, heavier-hitting version of Marth. He looks a lot more distinct this time around and has the moves to go along with it.

Ryu looks like he always has and comes to battle with his iconic repertoire of moves — Hadouken (fireball), Shoryuken (dragon punch) and Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku (jumping spin kick). As was the case with Mega Man, Metal Gear‘s Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s almost unreal seeing him in a Super Smash Bros. game.

Thank you, Nintendo and Capcom, for finally allowing us to beat up Mario and Pikachu with Ryu. An already great fighting game has just gotten better…

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What Happened to Sonic? Sonic Boom is a Sales Bust



Sonic Boom Wii U

Despite Sega’s speedy mascot Sonic passing his prime decades ago, he has hit an all-new low with sale of the latest installments in the series — Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U) and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (3DS) — bombing hard on the sales charts. The two games have sold a mere 490,000 copies since launching in November 2014, making Sonic Boom the worst-selling Sonic game in history.

Even with a relatively popular cartoon show promoting it, Sonic Boom will likely not gain any traction, and many analysts are worried about the future prospects of the blue hedgehog. By comparison, 2013’s Sonic: Lost World on the Wii U and 3DS sold 710,000 copies in the same time frame, while Sonic Generations sold 1,850,000 copies in 2012. The very first Sonic game remains the best-seller with over 15 million copies sold.

One reason gamers have shunned Sonic Boom likely has to do with the fact that it launched in a very buggy state, with one bug in particular letting you skip most of the adventure. It also doesn’t help that critics don’t like it.

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news at Sega. Scary-as-shit Alien: Isolation continues to do well for the company, having sold some 1,760,000 copies at the end of 2014.

The Japanese video game company has fallen on hard times and has decided to shift its focus from console games to digital and PC games in an effort to improve its financial position.

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