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Killer Instinct characters, boss Aria


Here Are the New Killer Instinct Characters in KI Season 2

Killer Instinct characters, boss Aria

Killer Instinct Season 2 promises to give fans of the Xbox One-exclusive fighting game eight new characters, as well as a host of gameplay “improvements”. The launch trailer (watch it!) revealed all eight characters, plus a ninth, and while most of them are blacked-out silhouettes, we will nevertheless take an educated guess at who they are. Some of the new Killer Instinct characters might leave you scratching your head…

The first two we know — TJ Combo and Maya. The former is a disgraced boxer seeking redemption by putting his opponents in their place with heavy-hitting moves, while the latter is an Amazonian with two temperamental daggers that she throws at her enemies. You can find out more about Maya by clicking here.

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Now for the interesting part — the silhouetted characters:

The first two are no-brainers — Riptor and Cinder, two iconic characters of the Killer Instinct series. Riptor still looks like a dinosaur (a raptor, in fact), while Cinder is still…red hot and on fire.

We expect Riptor to be ferocious, but just not as fast and nimble as Saberwulf. She is cybernetically-enhanced this time around and will likely feature lunging attacks like the original character. Her projectile will take the form of either fire or acid.

As for Cinder, we envision him to be perpetually on fire (duh!). In instinct mode, he turns up the heat, making getting and staying close to him hazardous to one’s health. And what the hell happened to his right arm?!

Next up, we have what looks like the silhouette of the mummy character that was teased at the end of Maya’s trailer. He’s apparently a keep-away zoner character like Glacius.

To his right is a never-before-seen, gigantic rock-like creature that we bet is a heavy-hitting grappler of some sort. Developer Iron Galaxy says he’s a battle-hardened war golem.

The one-eyed character you see above is may very well be a Babylonian sorcerer that uses his staff for long-ranged physical and magical attacks.

On his right is definitely Shadow Jago, given that the silhouette looks like that of Jago, while his pose (especially his hands) is reminiscent of boss Shadow Jago’s pose when he appears on the versus screen in arcade mode. He will have a different and hopefully cooler moveset than regular Jago’s.

New Killer Instinct character boss

Last but not least is Aria, the all-knowing boss character that was teased at the end of Season 1. We get the feeling she will be playable.

As things stand, Tusk and Kim are the only non-boss Killer Instinct characters from the older games that will not make a return in Season 2, though we hear they will be featured in Killer Instinct Season 3.

Now that we are done speculating, we leave the floor to you. What do you expect from Killer Instinct Season 2’s mysterious characters and what are you wishing for? Let us know in the comments below.

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