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Dragon Age Inquisition


Dragon Age Inquisition – What You Can Expect [Video]

Dragon Age Inquisition, the latest blockbuster addition to BioWare’s legendary Dragon Age franchise, promises to change the scale of the series forever. After the relative failure of Dragon Age 2, BioWare took its time to get things right, and from what we saw at E3 2014, the game is shaping up to be all the company has pitched it to be. There is a lot to be excited for, but here are a some things that have us especially psyched:

Creating Your Own Experience

Like Dragon Age: Origins, Inquisition allows players to create their own character — The Inquisitor — from scratch. There are more races to choose from, as well as several storylines to play out depending on the class and gender of your character. Choice will be a major component of the game, with the outcome of missions heavily dependent on the decisions you made beforehand. Some decisions will be constructive, bringing justice to the lands, while others will be destructive. Choose wisely.

BioWare’s signature dialogue system makes a return in the game, allowing players to immerse themselves more deeply into the game even when doing something as simple as conversing.

More Control Over The Battlefield Than Ever Before

BioWare has stated that they aim to make the gameplay experience more immersive than ever before by giving players the tools needed to defeat their enemies and by upping the level of realism. The party based combat system of the game allows you to control each of your characters separately, enabling you to easily switch between party members in order to take advantage of their unique skills. Additionally, the tactical view from Dragon Age: Origins makes a return, allowing you to pause the onscreen action and take stock of what’s happening. The aerial view it provides makes it easier to set up ambushes / traps for enemies and strategically position party members before and during a battle. Spells and skills can interact with each other, while each skill has a distinct effect on the enemy (e.g. fireballs set them ablaze, arrows cause them to bleed from their wound…).

Good tactics will determine whether or not your team is successful in a battle. Fortunately, several newly-introduced features help streamline the gameplay experience and make it easier to pull off complicated moves without a hitch.

Customization Galore

Taking a page from the original Dragon Age, Inquisition allows the player to completely customize their character and companions. Gear and loot can be used on both the players and the companions, allowing you to fine-tailor each party member. You can even customize the various gear scattered throughout the world with runes and enchantments, adding another layer of uniqueness to each of your characters.

Dialogue choices will affect the relationships between your main character and your companions, so it’s good to have decent people skills. Finally, for settlements that you take over, Inquisition has a base development system akin to that of some tower defense games, allowing you to more precisely decide how each conquered settlement should be developed and what they should do.

An Incredible World as Beautiful as it is Rich

BioWare promises Dragon Age Inquisition will be at least five times larger than Dragon Age 2. The graphics are breathtaking, with vibrant colors dominating the various landscapes. As with previous Dragon Age games, you are rewarded for exploring the vast open world. Expect a plethora of unique quests that let you learn about the game’s rich lore.

The Return Of Previous Saves

BioWare’s signature save system that allows players to transfer saved files from previous installments over to the latest ones is also featured and could play an important role in how the story (or stories) progress. Though Inquisition takes place long after the other games in the series, the decisions made by the Grey Warden from Origins and Hawke in Dragon Age 2 will impact its world.

For those that don’t have saved files from the previous games or those that would like to explore what-if scenarios, there is an online feature (stored in the cloud) called the ‘Dragon Age Keep‘ that lets you build and rebuild multiple world states from the other games that Inquisition can seamlessly pull data from to use.

Dragon Age Inquisition launches for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 7. In the comment section, let us know how excited you are for it.

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